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Who We Are

Hi, I'm Marc. I grew up in an era where chucking your waste into a bin headed straight for landfill was commonplace.  I was completely unaware of the harm we were causing to our beautiful planet. 
With all the information that has come to light over the last ten years, I want the generations to come to enjoy the beautiful earth without having to contend with the environmental damage resulting from the toxins and greenhouse gases produced by landfill. 
And so, The Happy Jar was born! A passion project on a mission to kiss landfill waste goodbye!


Zero Waste, Great Taste

We offer a diverse range of wholesome quality food products in bulk so you can choose the quantity you want. Bring your own reusable container or choose one of our reusable jars to fill up. 

Choose from a wide range of grains, nuts, seeds, flours, tea, coffee, spices, herbs, superfoods, cereals, confectionary, household cleaning, personal care products, and many more. 

We strive to source all of our products locally to reduce our carbon footprint while also supporting local producers. 


Community In Mind

We aspire to nurture a community where, together, we can all make a difference and lead to a more sustainable environment. 

Join us in our in-store cafe, enjoy a beverage and a treat while your immerse yourself in our feel-good vibes!

Cafe Menus

In a hurry?

No worries! Call in your order ahead of time and we'll have it ready for you when you need it. 

All meals are available for dine-in or take away. 

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